Polygel Nail Extension 6 Piece Kit (NOW ONLY R304!)

Polygel Nail Extension 6 Piece Kit (NOW ONLY R304!)

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Although polygel is fairly easy to use, we’ve listed the steps below to ensure you get the most out of your new set of nails.

Step 1: using the ruby stone nail file, file the natural nail to a smooth surface & to remove shine. Push the cuticles back with the pointed end of the file.

Step 2: throughly wipe the nail of all excess dust so polygel can adhere.

Step 3: Find the perfect size dual forms for your nails, the forms should be slightly bigger around the nail walls this is so the PolyGel has room for clinging to the nail.

Step 4: using the spatula from the dual ended tool, take a small amount of PolyGel and place on the back of the nail form, sculpt the nail using the brush on the other end of the tool with slip solution. The brush MUST be damp with the slip solution & NOT wet, dab of excess on a paper towel.

Step 5: flip the nail form over and place on the nail, start from the cuticles pushing towards it. Take care not place it on top of the cuticle skin, gently press down, clean of all excess polygel from the side walls & skin before curing.

Step 6: cure in a UV Lamp +-3 minutes or UV LED for +-1 minute.

Step 7: after curing wiggle the form gently from side to side till it pops off.

Step 8: file the nail extension to remove all shine. Next, shape to your preference.

Step 8: clean nail, wipe off all excess dust.

Step 9: Apply the no wipe gel top coat and cure under a UV or UV/LED lamp.

Your PolyGel nails should last about 3 weeks when applied correctly.

Our PolyGel is a soak off so removal is a breeze, soak some cotton wool in acetone, wrap around each nail, cover with foil securely, wait 10-15 minutes then remove cotton wool, use tweezers & lift off the polygel nails gently.

Have fun trying this out!



1 PolyGel tube in natural pink. 60ml

1 PolyGel slip solution. 100ml

1 Pack reusable dual forms, 100pcs, 10 sizes

1 Poly dual tool, brush and Spatula

1 Ruby stone nail file

1 No wipe UV/LED gel top coat, crystal clear