PolyGel Nail Extensions
PolyGel Nail Extensions

PolyGel Nail Extensions

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Polygel is the exciting future of nail extensions that Is taking the world by storm. This revolutionary formula has the best qualities of acrylics and hard gels without the hassle of measuring and mixing ratios, polygel is lightweight, strong and flexible, feels almost natural when wearing it unlike Heavy acrylics. Every tube of polygel is ready to use immediately. Polygel consistency is soft like toffee and should be used with a Slip Solution to easily manipulate and mould. Unlike acrylics, polygel will not set or harden until you cure it with a UV/LED lamp thus giving you peace of mind while you perfect your set of nails without having to worry about time. It’s truly an all in one dream for both Nail professionals and Home users.

Package includes: one tube of PolyGel in natural Pink. Size: 60ml


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