Face Fresh Vitamin Beauty Bar

Face Fresh Vitamin Beauty Bar

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Face fresh beauty soap is formulated to enhance your skins natural radiance. It contains moisturizers which keeps skin soft & supple. Face fresh beauty soap helps to remove pimples, dark spots & soften wrinkles & contains these 3 most effective ingredients.

PRO-VITAMIN B5: helps to keep skin soft, smooth, and healthy. Deeply hydrating, it helps to keep skinquenched by absorbing moisture from the air.

VITAMIN B3: also known as Niacinamide offers multiple skin benefits such as fading age spots, lightening and whitening of skin.

KOJIC ACID: Inhibits an enzyme necessary in the production of melanin, helping to fade dark spots and discoloration. It also delivers antioxidant protection.


Lather onto face, neck and/or body evenly. Leave on for 1 minute then rinse off. Pat dry & apply Moisturizer if needed Repeat twice a day. This Cleanser enhances the effect on any of our skincare routines.


Kojic acid. Arbutin. Vitamin B3. Pro vitamin B5. Titanium. Dioxide. SLS. Glycerine. Sodium lactate. Sodium palmate. Sodium oleate. Mineral oils. Fragrance.

 Package includes: one face fresh beauty soap in box. Size: 100g