Informed Decisions..

Can the skin & hair care products be used by men? 
Certainly, all biocos and face fresh products are suitable for both men and women.

Can the biocos serums be used on its own? Due to the potency of all biocos serums it is not recommended to be used alone, it must be diluted before usage and applied at night only.

Are these skin lightening products safe to use? Yes, but if an uncommon reaction occurs, discontinue use.

Can the face fresh L- Glutathione serum be used on its own? Yes. Most definitely

Can I use these products during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Not without consulting your physician first, All the ingredients are listed on our site.

How long till I see results? In most cases, results where obtained within 7 days with any face product and +- 14 days with the body lightening products.

Do I really receive a free gift? Yes, When you purchase any 4 Products on our website. (Please note: any 1 set on our site is regarded as 1 product at checkout)

How long is delivery? See our shipping & delivery policy.

With all melanin inhabitants/skin lightening products, like Biocos & Face Fresh, It is recommended to use a sunscreen of SPF 20 or higher To protect your skin When exposed to direct sunlight.



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