Biocos Emergency Whitening Night Serum
Biocos Emergency Whitening Night Serum

Biocos Emergency Whitening Night Serum

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Biocos Emergency whitening serum is a highly potent Formula and Cannot Be used on its own.

Biocos Emergency whitening serum increases skin whitening up to 10 times more when used in Biocos Whitening Cream. biocos’s Whitening serum has three major natural ingredients.

Arbutin: Arbutin is used for skin whitening, freckles, blemishes and acne scar removal. Arbutin is a bearberry plant extract that is used to reduce melanin and is responsible for skin cell regeneration.

Milk Extract: Milk extract is used in biocos whitening serum for moisturizing purposes, also deep cleans pores

Vitamin E & B5: Vitamin E and B5 are essential for our skin Thus providing  extra skin nourishment Which promotes an overall healthy skin.


Naturally lightens the skin, Contains proven ingredients such as vitamin C, Arbutin and milk extracts, Treats the root cause of scars and blemishes, Eliminates dark marks and eye circles, A pure and highly potent formula, Helps to Obtain even skin tone, Gentle and suitable for all skin types. Suitable for both men and women.


Completely Mix one Emergency Whitening serum into one full  Biocos Beauty Cream with a toothpick.

the size of the cream and serum are actual measured amounts Which should not be exceeded and are enough for making a single formula.

This formula should be only used at night after thoroughly Cleansing the skin with any of our Biocos Cleansers

It is recommended to use the Biocos cleanser of your choice twice a day, morning and night.

Package includes: 1 Biocos Emergency Whitening night serum in box. Size: 5ml