Biocos Beauty Cream
Biocos Beauty Cream

Biocos Beauty Cream

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Biocos beauty cream works as a triple action for skin whitening that stops the natural production of melanin in our skin which is responsible for skin darkening. This beauty cream is a technologically advanced formula that contains fruit and plant extracts that penetrate deep into the skins layer which results in a new, fresh, illuminated, radiant fair skin. It additionally contains Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga concentrates and Milk extracts. for All ethnicities And skin types including sensitive.


Lightens the skin, Enhances skins radiance, Penetrates deep into the skin for maximum benefit, Nourishes the skin intensively, Ensures cell regeneration and reduces dullness, plumps up and Refreshes the skin, Promotes a natural glow. To target Specific skin concerns try using this beauty cream with any of our Biocos Facial Night Serums

Forms the ultimate base cream for Any biocos facial night serums.


Biocos beauty cream can be used as a day and/or night cream on its own. Apply a liberal amount onto face and neck in an upward motion after thoroughly Cleansing the skin with any of our Biocos Cleansers


Carnauba wax, kojic acid, dipalmitate, Bees was, herbal extracts, sunscreen agent, emulsifier, preservatives, water, sorbitol, MP, PP, dimethicon, Paraffin liquid, petrolatum, steric acid,crodomol, GTCC, polawax, zinc oxide, licorice extract.

Package Includes: One Biocos Beauty Cream in box, Size: 40g